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World Water Week 2018: Call for engagement

Start preparing for World Water Week 2018 with the Call for Engagement! The Call highlights important perspectives on the theme “Water, ecosystems and human development”. It gives an overview of how you can engage at the Week, and also outlines the core seminar topics that will be featured at the Week.

In 2018, World Water Week will focus on the very basis of our existence. The theme “Water, ecosystems and human development” which is outlined in this Call for Engagement, covers the ecosystems on which all life depends, and the critical role of water in their functions.

The Call provides an overview of how to engage in the Week. You’ll find all necessary information for submitting abstract proposals, convening sessions, and volunteering. You can also visit the programme website for more information. Submissions for abstracts and events are now open!

You can also get an insight into the nine seminar topics of 2018.

Engage now!

Download the pdf file here or browse below: