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Stockholm World Water Cube 

The Stockholm World Water Cube ( uses the power of online video to capture the issues discussed and the people present at World Water Week in Stockholm.

What's WaterCube?

Anyone can drop by and join in the conversation at the WaterCube. The dynamic, independent, constantly-changing team of WaterCube video reporters are drawn from some of the water sector's most innovative organisations.

WaterCube 4

In 2011, the WaterCube team convened its fourth World Water Week event, with Flip and mobile phone camcorders, distinctive white cube studio and unique rapid-fire interviews, shared online. WaterCube is our digital joint venture with show organisers SIWI and respected knowledge institute IRC. The WaterCube team managed to top 500 interviews during the 2011 World Water Week in Stockholm.

All the material is shared online and you can easily feature it on your own website. Click on the player below or visit to view interviews from the World Water Week in Stockholm.

WaterCube partners include SIWI, IRC, Akvo and Arghyam. In 2010, the WaterCube was supported by national resource centre networks on water and sanitation in five countries: Burkina Faso (CREPA), Honduras (RAS-HON), Ghana (RCN Ghana), Nepal (WASH-RCNN), Uganda (NETWAS). National Geographic described it as one of the highlights of the 2010 World Water Week in Stockholm.


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