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Unilever new World Water Week collaborator

Unilever has just come on board as a collaborator of World Water Week, with a special focus on Stockholm Junior Water Prize.

With a portfolio of brands and products used by millions of consumers every day, Unilever has a unique opportunity to create change and, through working with partners, develop solutions to help address some of the world’s most pressing water-related challenges.

With an estimated 200 million hours spent by women each day collecting water, part of our mission is to help enable multi-sector collaborations to explore how we can broaden, advance and improve the solutions that liberate the time women lose due to poor water access, and raise awareness of how these solutions can be a key driver of women’s empowerment and global development.

Unilever will be hosting a panel discussion – Water for Women – during World Water Week. See more information about the panel in the Online Programme.