Nestlé recognised the importance of the global water issue very early on and has made water a key focus area of its Creating Shared Value approach to business. Nestlé acknowledges the importance of active engagement in driving the conversation forward, and there is no better annual forum where the most influential and knowledgeable people gather to this end than the World Water Week. This is why we have entered into a multi-year partnership with SIWI so that we can experience, share and learn at this unique event.
- Nestlé
One of Ålandsbanken's core values comprises our engagement in sustainability, environmental and water related issues. Our interest in these issues is particularly strong because of our origins and presence in the Baltic Sea. Ålandsbanken's engagement in the Stockholm Water Prize is a key ingredient in our ambition to drive and promote sustainable development for the society and the environment.
- Tom Pettersson, VD, Ålandsbanken Fondbolag AB