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Sustainable infrastructure for inclusive, green growth: seminar at World Water Week 2018!

Sustainable infrastructure for inclusive, green growth

Co-conveners: Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), African Development Bank (AfDB), World Water Assessment Programme UNESCO (WWAP), Daegu Metropolitan City, Korea and International Water Management Institute (IWMI)


Recent estimates indicate that, globally, $1.2 to $2.4 trillion are needed annually for investment in water and sanitation development. A significant part of this will be built infrastructure. However, traditional built infrastructure often disregards natural capital and can often be, as a consequence, sub-optimal and unsustainable from an ecosystems perspective as it disrupts existing ecological processes. To achieve the new sustainability goals, a paradigm shift is necessary that places the potential option of non-structural measures and complimentary natural infrastructure at the core of water development decision-making. However, there are constraints to implementation and further innovation is required. This seminar will draw on successes and lessons learnt in view of 1) the effectiveness of sustainable/green infrastructure across differing temporal and spatial scales; 2) financing in sustainable/green infrastructure as a feasible investment; 3) governance for achieving efficient sustainable/green infrastructure; 4) maintenance and operation, expansion, and rehabilitation of sustainable/green infrastructure; and 5) technical innovation (incl. smart IT).


The seminar will provide an opportunity to discuss what exactly is meant by sustainable infrastructure from an ecosystem and water development perspective, and present pragmatic ideas for financing and investment of sustainable/green infrastructure in water resources management in developing countries as well as developed countries. It will promote novel approaches for achieving the SDGs and for better manage competing interests between sectors. The seminar will contribute to improving the understanding about different stakeholders’ needs and responses, thereby promoting improved operational approaches. Innovative approaches and technologies for sustainable infrastructure will be introduced through successful case studies.

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