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Help build a sustainable, water wise world for all

Sustainable water management is one of the most important issues of our time. In 2015, water crises ranked top risk in the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report, when measured in terms of impact. In the 2016 report, it has dropped to third highest. However, the report also states that water crises constitute the biggest risk to the world during the next ten years.

Water is essential for people, business, nations and ecosystems, and our ability to manage it sustainably today will determine the future of all human and economic activity.

We believe a water wise world, where both people and economies prosper, is possible. If we act now, together.

Become part of the solution

SIWI is a “think-and-do” tank that provides and promotes water wise solutions for sustainable development. We connect minds, facilitate conversations and give advice to policy-makers, business leaders and practitioners. Our network is global and so is our vision.

Whether you are at the beginning of your water journey, an established actor in the water sector, or a sustainability thought-leader, we invite you to be part of the solution.

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Media partnerships

SIWI welcomes enquiries from media organizations interested in becoming a World Water Week media partner.

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Do you manage a large network or community? Are you interested in advancing knowledge and cooperation around water issues? Contact us to find out more about becoming a community partner.


Digital promotion and outreach opportunities are also available in the form of sponsorship.

For more information, please contact Rowena Barber, Senior Manager, Communications, SIWI.


“In many respects, our planet’s water future is in the hands of scientists and engineers capable of developing solutions to rising issues of supply and demand. It is imperative that we as a society-and Xylem as a business- supports and encourages young people to pursue careers in water to ensure we have enough bright minds working on these complex issues.

The Stockholm Junior Water Prize does just that in Sweden and in 28 other countries around the world. The employees of Xylem are proud to have been involved with this inspiring program every year since its founding in 1995.”

Andy Hilton, VP Communications, Water Solutions Xylem

“Nestlé recognized the importance of the global water issue very early on and has made water a key focus area of its Creating Shared Value approach to business. Nestlé acknowledges the importance of active engagement in driving the conversation forward, and there is no better annual forum where the most influential and knowledgeable people gather to this end than World Water Week, Stockholm. This is why we have entered into a multi-year partnership with SIWI so that we can experience, share and learn at this unique event.”