Sofia Murad

Sofia Murad is a public health epidemiologist working at a healthcare think tank and advisory group in Sweden. Ms. Murad grew up outside of Detroit, Michigan and attended the University of Michigan where she studied global health & environmental science. In 2012 she moved to Sweden to complete a dual Master’s in Public Health Epidemiology and International Development. During an internship in South Sudan in 2013, Ms. Murad joined the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector and explored community water management along the border to Sudan. In 2015, Ms. Murad was nominated to Chair the Swedish Network for International Health where she organized a health inequalities conference for over 150 participants from 50 different countries at Karolinska Institute. Most recently, she collaborated with Stockholm Environment Institute in understanding the impact of ecological sanitation on household health in Bolivia.

Ms. Murad specializes in health linkages in water, hygiene, and sanitation. Her research has focused on household and behavioural risk factors of diarrheal diseases in low-income settings. Overall, her primary interest is to understand the effect of various WASH interventions in addressing community health. Ms. Murad is the YSPC for the Wastewater & Health Seminar at World Water Week 2017.