Sara Sánchez López

Seminar: Addressing migration through regional integration and water security for all

Sara has a MEng in Forestry Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) and a MSc in Environmental Water Management from Cranfield University (UK).

Sara worked with the NGO Agua para la Salud in Guatemala improving the sanitation facilities in schools and designing and building water systems in small villages. The projects involved the indigenous committees and locals to ensure their correct development and continuity. She returned to Europe and combined her research on the removal of pesticides with a position as President of SAFAD (NGO) in the UK. As such, she led an international committee, coordinated and hosted fundraising events, built relations with other organisations, and secured enough funding to support five projects overseas.

Convinced that education is key to make a social and environmental improvement, Sara co-founded and organised Ripples Make Waves in 2016, 24h of international presentations for the World Water Day in a virtual event sanctioned by the UN. She was also a speaker in Soapbox Science to promote the role of women in science and technology and bring the research to the public.

She is currently working as Process Scientist in Research and Innovation for Scottish Water.