2014-04-26 | Apply for the Ideas Marketplace
The Ideas Marketplace serves as a space dedicated to ideas and projects seeking funding and/or partnerships. Do you have great ideas or projects that you would like to showcase? Apply on our website by May 31!
2014-04-25 | Sign up for the 2014 World Water Week exhibition
The Exhibition is the most important opportunity to meet with a diverse range of international water decision-makers and showcase your company's water and environment related work. This year, we are extending the opportunity to private sector companies to exhibit.
2014-02-28 | 2014 World Water Week is recruiting assistants
We are looking for enthusiastic and responsible volunteers to help manage the 2014 World Water Week sessions. Join us at the world leading conference and gain professional experience!
2014-02-14 | 2014 Sponsors' Pack out now!
Taking part in World Water Week as a sponsor offers networking and partnership building opportunities with the wide and diverse audience, while demonstrating your engagement in water issues. We expect at least 2,600 professionals to attend.
2014-01-31 | Conclusions from Events
New publication "2013 World Water Week: Conclusions from Events" is available now.
2014-01-21 | Submission of Abstracts and Event Proposals Closed
Thank you to all of you who submitted event proposals and abstracts for the 2014 World Water Week in Stockholm. The programme is now being developed.
2013-11-14 | 2013 Overarching Conclusions available
The Overarching Conclusions from the 2013 World Water Week, "Water Cooperation - Building Partnerships", are now available for download. Make sure you get the main messages from the hundreds of sessions that took place!
2013-11-11 | Young Scientific Programme Committee
Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) is seeking eight committed Young Water Professionals interested in providing support to the Scientific Programme Committee.
2013-09-17 | Reflecting the Week with WWW dailys
The official daily newspapers will guide you through the highlights of the week and channel the voices from participants.
2013-09-06 | World Water Week closes with a call for special focus on water in development
In over 100 seminars, workshops and events spread throughout the week, over 2,600 participants have been meeting, discussing and debating the most pressing water challenges of our time, under the theme "Water Cooperation - Building Partnerships".
2013-09-06 | The 2013 Stockholm Statement
As an outcome of broad consultations prior to and during the 2013 World Water Week in Stockholm, we call upon the United Nations and its Open Working Group to propose a Sustainable Development Goal on Water.
2013-09-05 | Dr Peter Morgan – Inventor in Sanitation – receives the 2013 Stockholm Water Prize
Dr Peter Morgan of Zimbabwe today received the Stockholm Water Prize for his life-long work to protect the health and lives of millions of people. H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden presented the prize to Dr Morgan at a Royal Award Ceremony in City Hall, during the World Water Week held in Stockholm, Sweden.
2013-09-05 | Photos from the 2013 World Water Week!
Have you checked out the World Water Week Flickr account yet? Here we collect all photos from the over 100 seminars, workshops, award ceremonies and social events taking place during the week. Free to download and use with photo credit.
2013-09-05 | WWW Daily Thursday
Start your day with the official World Water Week daily newspaper!
2013-09-06 | WWW Daily Friday
Wrap up your World Water Week with the official newspaper!
2013-09-04 | Chilean students win 2013 Stockholm Junior Water Prize!
Naomi Estay and Omayra Toro from Chile received the 2013 Stockholm Junior Water Prize for their work on how living organisms can help clean oil spills in extremely low temperatures. H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden presented the prize at the award ceremony at the World Water Week.
2013-09-04 | Young Professionals' Day!
Wednesday is the Young Professionals Day at the Week! Water enthusiasts between 16 and 35 years old gets free access to all the Young Professionals activities, ranging from an inter-generational dialogue to career coaching by professionals.
2013-09-04 | WWW Daily Wednesday
Don't miss the Wednesday issue of the official newspaper!
2013-09-03 | What should be the price of water?
As the world's population grows fast, there will be even more of us to share an already limited amount of water. Paying for water will inevitably be a part of life. But, who should pay and what sort of water use should we pay for? Should we pay for washing our clothes? For cleaning our cars? Should a farmer pay to irrigate his lands?
2013-09-03 | Regional focus days kick off at the Week
The World Water Week in Stockholm features focus days for Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, Asia, as well as the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Welcome to a series of in-depth sessions at the regional focus days.
2013-09-03 | Stockholm Statement: Last chance to comment!
Stockholm Statement is open for comments only two more days. Join the discussion and contribute by end of Wednesday!
2013-09-03 | WWW Daily Tuesday
Tuesday issue of the official World Water Week daily newspaper is out!
2013-09-02 | Jan Eliasson in Stockholm to talk about toilets
Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary-General of the UN told the World Water Week opening session to urgently address the sanitation needs for billions of people worldwide.
2013-09-02 | Global thought leaders take to the stage at Opening Session
The Opening Plenary Session discusses issues related to the overarching theme of Water Cooperation - Building Partnerships. Join us between 9.30 and 12.00 CET for inspiring tales of partnership and water stewardship, or check out the live stream here to the left!
2013-09-02 | WWW Daily Monday
The official World Water Week daily newspaper is back! Stockholm Water Front is the best way to summarize your hectic WWW days.
2013-09-01 | Join World Water Week's Field Trips and Excursions
While at the World Water Week, join the field trips and excursions! They provide excellent opportunities to explore the city of Stockholm and learn more about the issues discussed at the week in practice.
2013-09-01 | Doors open to the 2013 World Water Week
The time has come! Doors are officially open to the 2013 World Water Week "Water Cooperation - Building Partnerships" in Stockholm. Swing by and get into the intense debates on how to establish a water wise world.
2013-08-29 | 2013 Abstract Volume
This year's World Water Week Workshop Abstract Volume is now available. Download and learn more about Water Cooperation -building partnerships.
2013-08-22 | 2013 Live Webcasting Schedule
Can't travel all the way to Stockholm? You can watch selected events live on the web. Check out the 2013 World Water Week live webcasting schedule!
2013-08-05 | Have your say at Stockholm Statement Forum
This year's Stockholm Statement is open for your comments. Visit the forum to contribute by Wednesday!
2013-08-19 | 2013 World Water Week Programme Out!
Check out the newly released programme, featuring over 100 exciting events, thought-provoking seminars, scientific workshops, high level panel debates, fun social activities, and much more.
2013-08-14 | 2013 World Water Week report available!
The report "Cooperation for a Water Wise World - Partnerships for Sustainable Development" gives input to the discussions at the World Water Week. Read it now!
2013-07-02 | Follow WWW with Overarching Conclusion
Learn what's been discussed at the World Water Week in Stockholm with Overarching Conclusions! Now French and Spanish versions are also available.
2013-06-11 | Press Registration Open!
The World Water Week Press registration is now open! Accredited journalists are entitled to full access to World Water Week plenaries, seminars, workshops, side events and the conference venue. Register online now!
2013-05-31 | We're on Facebook
Have you checked out the World Water Week in Stockholm Facebook page? Communicating water is easier than ever!
2013-04-18 | Exciting World Water Week news!
Registration is open, the printed programme has just been launched, and we introduce a new, upgraded online programme!
2013-04-17 | Introducing: Young Professionals Day
This year, World Water Week in Stockholm introduce the Young Professionals' Day - an entire day of activities dedicated to those at the start of their careers.
2013-01-30 | 2013 World Water Week Sponsor's Pack Out Now!
Ever wondered what it is like to be a Sponsor of the world's leading water event? Now you can read all about it in our newly released Sponsor's Pack.
2013-01-24 | French and Spanish versions of Overarching Conclusions now available!
The French and Spanish versions of the Overarching Conclusions from the 2012 World Water Week are now available for download.