On the Water Front Series

Together with other documentation from the World Water Week, On the Water Front series provide an opportunity to recapture key features from the World Water Week throughout the years. The series contain selections of articles that cover important scientific and policy issues. They are written by colleagues who made presentations at workshops, seminars and plenary sessions during the World Water Week and publised every year since 2009. With the analytical character and with appropriate illustrations and references, the texts in this publication are intended to play a role in the thinking and work of colleagues from research, governments, international, national and local organisations.

One important feature in the texts is an ambition to combine and merge new thinking, concepts and experiences with practice, in policy and in the field. The texts aim to illuminate the need for scientific findings in policy and in practice and vice versa; the need to formulate scientific enquiries and carry out scientific studies, which are relevant for policy and human endeavors.

2011 On the Water Front vol. 3
Responding to Global Changes: Water in an Urbanising World
On the water front 2011

2010 On the Water Front vol. 2
Responding to Global Changes: The Water Quality Challenge - Prevention, Wise Use and Abatement

2009 On the Water Front vol. 1 
Responding to Global Changes: Accessing Water for the Common Good with Special Focus on Transboundary Waters

Articles in Vol. 1 - 3

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- 2011 Urban
- 2010 Water Quality
- 2009 Transboundary Water