2012-12-20 | Have you seen World Water Week's new FAQ section?
World Water Week has recently released a new Frequently Asked Questions section on this site to make it easier for participants and others interested in the week to find useful information. Browse through the FAQ section to find the particular info you're after!
2012-12-17 | Thank you for abstracts and event proposals!
Notifications on abstracts and event proposals acceptance will go out by April.
2012-11-21 | 2012 Workshops Highlights now available
The 2012 World Water Week Workshop Highlights are now available, a publication that captures and summarises the rich discussions that evolved during the eight workshops of the week.
2012-11-05 | 2013 Call for Abstracts and Event Proposals
Download the 2013 Call for Abstracts and Event Proposals and learn more about how you can get involved.
2012-11-01 | Call for Young Water Professionals
SIWI is seeking eight committed Young Water Professionals interested in providing support to the Scientific Programme Committee.
2012-10-29 | 2012 Overarching Conclusions out now!
Download the 2012 World Water Week Overarching Conclusions now! Including key threads that emerged from the Week, based on the reports from workshops, seminars, plenary sessions and rapporteurs reports.
2012-10-02 | On the Water Front series
The series offer collection of the most innovative and important insights on issues from the Week. It's a must-read for those interested in how to resolve the most pressing water challenges.
2012-09-25 | Are you looking for presentations?
Find presentations, background documents and movies here. Make use of the resources and share the knowledge!
2012-08-31 | 2012 World Water Week closes with a youthful vision for a food secure future
The 2012 Week closes with a "vision" capturing the perspective of the younger generation of water professionals on the priorities that must be set now to achieve water and food security by 2050.
2012-08-31 | Keynotes join rapporteurs to wrap it up
The Closing Plenary session will feature keynote presentations from leading luminaries on the best path forward towards a food and water secure world.
2012-08-31 | WWW Daily Friday
What's the key to tackle Water challenges? What are communities and companies doing for water? New software for water and energy people? Read all about it
2012-08-31 | Youth Vision Concludes the Week
Young professionals tell the world how we can achieve water and food security in 2050 when they retire.
2012-08-30 | WWW daily Thursday
Governments, organic farmers, donors, African woman and young innovators - all covered here!
2012-08-30 | Royal Thursday
HM King and Queen of Sweden honour the Stockholm Water Prize Laureates and the World Water Week in Stockholm and with their presence and dedication to water and food security.
2012-08-29 | Singapore takes the prize!
Luigi Marshall Cham, Jun Yong Nicholas Lim and Tian Ting Carrie-Anne Ng, all aged 18, from Singapore.
2012-08-29 | Taste the Waste of Water
It is not so delicious. Billions of dollars and trillions of litres of water are wasting away in the dumpster.
2012-08-29 | WWW daily Wednesday
Stockholm Water Front is the best way to summarize your hectic WWW days - download it here!
2012-08-28 | Chief Economists Panel heats water up
International Water Resource Ecomonics Consortium is at the Week. Top water economists debate how to bridge the gap between economics and water policy.
2012-08-28 | WWW daily Tuesday
Stockholm Water Front is the best way to summarize your hectic WWW days - download it here!
2012-08-28 | Abstracts and Posters at the week
Workshops are started today covering various aspects of Water and Food Security. Missed today's workshops? Read this year's Abstract Volume or come by Poster Sessions!
2012-08-27 | Global thought leaders take stage at Opening Session
The Opening Plenary Session will ignite an intensive week of discussions, debates and potential solutions to our world's water and food security challenges. See who's speaking here.
2012-08-27 | Start your WWW day with the WWW daily!
The official World Water Week daily newspaper is back! Stockholm Water Front is the best way to summarize your hectic WWW days.
2012-08-21 | New report outlines major threats and opportunities for water and food security
The Stockholm International Water Institute today released its report "Feeding a thirsty world: Challenges and opportunities for a water and food secure world", which provides official input into the discussions to take place at the 2012 World Water Week in Stockholm.
2012-08-26 | Take a seat
Welcome to all participants of the World Water Week in Stockholm. The mind-boggling array of sessions starts now. Keep an eye out for the Young Vision team to deliver a vision for 2050.
2012-08-16 | On the water front vol 3 presents leading analysis on cities and water
On the Water Front vol. 3 offers a collection of innovative and important insights on that were presented at the 2011 World Water Week. A must-have item before the week!
2012-08-25 | On-site-registration open now!
To be in sessions on time Sunday morning, you are welcome to register at Arlanda airport or at Stockholmsmässan already now. Regulate your jetlag with coffee served in the exhibition area.
2012-08-24 | See special newspaper on World Water Week
Special newspaper on World Water Week is available in English and in Swedish- including a feature with minister of rural affairs on water and food security.
2012-08-16 | 2012 Programme is out!
Now 2012 World Water Week Programme is available. Download it here and learn all about this year's week!
2012-08-20 | New report from Water Governance Facility out
Human rights-based approaches and managing water resources - Exploring the potential for enhancing development outcomes: this report addresses how social equity aspects of water resources management and allocation can receive greater priority.
2012-08-15 | SIWI launches new research on water storage ahead of World Water Week
The paper provides an overview of the current status of large scale artificial water storage development and its functions in the water, energy and food security nexus.
2012-07-26 | See more while in Stockholm!
Explore World Water Week's field trips and excursions! Learn about how Stockholm havs applied technologies for wastewater reuse and treatment and strategies for sustainable city planning.
2012-07-26 | Communications and Advocacy in question
Water is becoming more topical in news streams around the world, reflecting increased awareness of escalating global water crisis. Communicating water issues has also become more diversified, how can we improve?
2012-07-24 | Looming conflicts on transboundary waters?
Conflict Resolution & Transboundary Water is one of the themes this year. Check out the seminars and side events exploring transboundary water issues.
2012-07-16 | Climate and Energy events at World Water Week
This year we continue the discussion on the connections between water and energy. Also, with natural climate variability and human induced climate change risk worsening, water related climate change remains strong on our agenda.
2012-07-16 | Ecosystems role to be discussed in a workshop
This workshop will discuss the impact of food production on water and ecosystems on the context of food security and how to address solutions for managing the trade-offs between human needs and healthy ecosystems.
2012-07-12 | World Water Week launches mobile website
The World Water Week now also has its own mobile website!
2012-07-10 | Land and Water Aqusition themed events
During the 2012 World Water Week in Stockholm, there are a number of Land and Water Aqusition themed events, to learn more, please click on the events below or use our interactive Event Finder.
2012-07-09 | Financial instruments for food security and water resource use
Are there creative financial tools to support poor people in their development and coping capacity following increased natural catastrophes?
2012-07-09 | Closing the Yield Gap Workshop
The workshop will address ways to increase water productivity and close yield gaps. How can soil and water management be improved?
2012-07-03 | Gender aspects on food security and water
Why women matter to the food security? At this year's week, there are a number of events covering gender aspects on food security and water.
2012-07-02 | Water efficiency in food supply chain
A more productive use of limited, highly demanded and unreliable water resources is necessary. In most debates, an increase in water productivity is associated with a more efficient supply chain. See this year's events on this issue.
2012-07-02 | The role of Blue Water workshop
By participating in this workshop you will discuss the actual, and potential, role of the blue water resources for food security.
2012-05-15 | 2012 Second Announcement
The 2012 World Water Week Second Announcement is now available!
2012-05-22 | Registration is Open!
Welcome to register now for your participation in the 2012 World Water Week in Stockholm. The early-bird registration runs to June 30.
2012-05-22 | Browse the 2012 Programme
Find out what is on! Check out the Event Finder - over 200 convenors will contribute to over 100 exiting events for August.
2012-05-22 | High Level Panel to discuss the global rush for water and land
Featured at the opening session of the World Water Week will be the High Level Panel, with representatives from investors, governments, academia and civil society.
2012-05-22 | Background report on Water and Land
SIWI will be publishing a report on water and land, tying in to the theme of the 2012 World Water Week. Stay tuned!
2012-05-22 | Youth to form and present water and food vision in Stockholm
Young water professionals attending the World Water Week will be invited to contribute to a vision for Water and Food Security by 2050.
2012-02-16 | Young Water Professionals to help the next World Water Week
The members of the Young Water Professional Scientific Programme Committee will support to the Scientific Programme Committee by screening abstracts that have been submitted to the World Water Week Workshops.
2012-01-01 | World Water Week 2012: Water and Food Security
The theme for World Water Week 2012 is Water and Food Security, exploring the intricate relationship between water and food, and highlighting the challenges & opportunities for our thirsty world.
2012-01-01 | Looking for presentations? Visit 2011 Resource Finder!
Find presentations, background documents and movies here. Make use of the resources and share the knowledge!
2012-01-01 | Get a copy of the 2011 Overarching Conclusions
This report analyses the issues, initiatives and recommendations put forward during the Week for the benefit of the participants and the broader water and development communities.