WWW 2013

Title: Tracking National Financial Flows to Sanitation, Hygiene and Drinking-water
Event type: Side Event
Date: 2012-08-27
Time: 12:45 - 13:45
Convenor: World Health Organization (WHO)
Co-convenor: UN-Water
Room: K22

Event Description
UN-Water GLAAS proposed a standard approach for tracking national financial flows for sanitation and drinking-water. It is proposed that this method be globally tested in 2012/13 and then used as the methodology to collect the GLAAS 2014 financial data. Participants will discuss how it could be further developed and adopted.

12:45 Introduction to Current Efforts to Track Financial Flows in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene through the UN-Water GLAAS and Implications for Decision-makers.
Robert Bos, WHO

12:55 Presentation of GLAAS Findings on Finance and Proposed Financial Tracking Methodology.
Sophie Tremolet, Independent Consultant

13:10 Panel Discussion: Perspectives from Countries, Donors, and International

13:30 Plenary Discussion: Reactions and Next Steps Including How to Be Involved in This Initiative

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