Title: Living on the Edge: Management in Coastal Cities
Event type: Seminar
Date: 2011-08-24
Time: 14:00 - 17:30
Convenor: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)
Room: T4

This seminar will seek possible approaches, measures and policies of combined efforts of river basin and coastal area managers in order to explore the unique water and wastewater challenges of coastal urban centres, ranging from low-lying informal settlements to tourism destinations to sprawling coastal cities. UNEP had earlier developed the "Conceptual Framework and Planning Guidelines for Integrated Coastal Area and River Basin Management (ICARM)" and testing of the approach in a number of demonstration projects. In its partnership with UNEP Collaborating Centre on Water and Environment, the Freshwater-Coastal Partnership (FresCo) was formed to highlight and promote the Hilltop-to-Ocean (H2O) approach.       

The seminar will place an emphasis on practical case-studies from developed and developing countries, so as to draw lessons from the initiatives to actually apply the H2O methodologies. The overall objective is to identify key elements and tools of integrated Hilltop-2-Ocean (H2O) policy reforms that recognise the linkages between watershed/groundwater management and downstream water quality objectives and water demands for coastal cities and marine-related industries. The challenges associated with initiating and mainstreaming these reforms will also be identified and possible measures to address the challenges will be explored by policy makers and political decision makers. 


14:00 Part 1: Setting the scene
Welcome: Mr. Takehiro Nakamura, UNEP, Kenya and Prof. Jan Lundqvist, Chair, Scientific Programme Committee of the World Water Week, SIWI
14:15 Keynote presentation: Living on the edge: Hilltops-2-Oceans, Mr. Takehiro Nakamura, UNEP, Kenya
14:45 Integrating watersheds and coastal areas management in Caribbean small island developing states: The IWCAM Approach. Mr. Vincent Sweeney, GEF-IWCAM Regional Project Coordinator, UNEP, Saint Lucia
15:00 308 years of living at the edge of the Baltic Sea: Management in St.-Petersburg. Dr. Nikolay Aladin, Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, St.Petersburg, Russia.
15:15 Cetina River Basin in Central Dalmatian Coastal Region (Croatia): Management lessons learned for GEF MedPartnership. Mr. Ivica Trumbic, Project Manager, UNEP-MAP GEF Strategic Partnership for the Mediterranean Large Marine Ecosystem, UNEP, Greece.
15:30 Coffee break
16.00 Ocean Search - Crowdsourced observations. Mr. Magnus Jonsson, Senior Production Manager, Interactive Institute, Sweden.
16:15 Part 2: Panel discussion
Facilitator: Jakob Granit, Director Knowledge Services, SIWI

Coastal expert panelists

  • Mr. Takehiro Nakamura, UNEP
  • Mr. Ivica Trumbic, UNEP-MAP
  • Prof. Olof Lindén, World Maritime University (WMU) and International Maritime Organization (IMO)
  • Carl Gustaf Lundin, IUCN
  • Prof. Xiong-Zhi Xue, Coastal and Ocean Management Institute (COMI)
  • Xiamen University (tbc)

Freshwater expert panelists

  • Prof. Torkil Jønch Clausen, SIWI
  • Mr. Vincent Sweeney, UNEP
  • Prof. Sven-Erik Jorgenssen
17:20 Wrap up, conclusions and recommendations. Mr. Takehiro Nakamura, UNEP and Prof. Jan Lundqvist, SIWI
17:30 Close of seminar

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