Title: IUCN Water and Nature Initiative: A Treasure Trove of IWRM Knowledge
Event type: Side Event
Date: 2011-08-22
Time: 12:15 - 13:15
Convenor: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Room: K16/17

Lunch and refreshments will be served

How do you implement IWRM? IUCN has demonstrated practical approaches to IWRM through learning by doing. Based on experience from over 20 worldwide projects, key principles have been identified that can guide the application of IWRM in the field, and the policies needed to make IWRM achievable. With the launch of a new series of knowledge products from the IUCN Water and Nature Initiative, this is one side event you cannot afford to miss.

Presented by Mark Smith, Head IUCN Global Water Programme; Ousmane Diallo, IUCN West Africa Water Coordinator; James Dalton, IUCN Water Management Adviser

Part 1. Learning from WANI
The Water and Nature Initiative (WANI) will be introduced by Mark Smith, Head of the IUCN Global Water Programme. Through the WANI Results' Report, the Initiative’s key principles and lessons learnt will be outlined and shared. The new WANI website (www.waterandnature.org), functioning as a knowledge platform for the Initiative, will be formally launched and demonstrated.

Part 2. Stories from the Field
A 5 min video on the IUCN WANI project in Pangani, Tanzania, will be shown. The video highlights the Initiative’s work on good water governance and climate change resilience. Ousmane Diallo, West Africa Water Coordinator, will present the Komadugu Yobe (KYB) Project in Nigeria, looking in closer detail on the financial rewards and incentives of IWRM application in West Africa.

Part 3. Case Study: Environmental Flows
Environmental Flows, or allocating sufficient water to benefit both people and the environment, is a key principle of IWRM and strongly embedded in the IUCN WANI projects. James Dalton, IUCN Water Management Adviser, will explain how Environmental Flows is integrated in WANI field projects and the benefits it yields for improving ecosystem services and climate change resilience.

Part 4. Feedback and Discussion
A new set of Water Briefings on Integrated Water Resource Management and Water Economics will be presented, after which the floor will be opened for questions and discussion.


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