Title: Focus Latin America and the Caribbean: Americas' Regional Panel on Water and Climate Change
Event type: Seminar
Date: 2011-08-24
Time: 14:00 - 17:30
Convenor: Conference of Ibero-American Water Directors (CODIA), National Water Commission of Mexico (CONAGUA), FEMSA Foundation, Global Water Partnership (GWP), International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT), World Bank (WB) and World Wide
Room: T3

Focus: Latin America

Increased variability in traditional climate patterns, in time and space, is exacerbating existing pressures on water resources in the Americas. The broad effects of these changes include extreme hydro-meteorological events, but also the impacts on people’s everyday lives and livelihoods. It should thus be highlighted that water is not a sector, but a cross-cutting resource, to be considered as a core element of adaptation policies. Developing these policies to fully consider the diverse impacts of climate change on water resources will help to reduce their intensity, but there is a need to define what constitutes "good water-based adaptation", based on the analysis of the experiences from the region. The seminar will provide a platform for relevant experiences and the lessons learned in implementing them to be shared, taken from the Water and Adaptation: Actions in the Americas (WaterAAA) inventory.

The seminar, part of the on-going Regional Policy Dialog (RPD) on water-based adaptation to climate change, will build upon the conclusions of the Dialogues for Water and Climate Change in COP 16 and the High-Level Expert Panel held in the 2010 World Water Week, among others. The outcomes from this seminar will feed the Regional Policy Paper produced by the RPD.



Opening comments and welcoming speeches. Jose Luis Luege Tamargo, CONAGUA, Federico Basañes,  IADB, Vidal Garza, FEMSA Foundation, Victor Arroyo, UN-HABITAT, Jurgen Mahlknecht, Water Center for Latin America and the Caribbean


Explanation of the session dynamics by the moderator: Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm, IADB


Presentation of the first illustrative case: Glacier melt. John M. Reynolds, Managing Director of Reynolds International Ltd


Presentation of the second illustrative case: Sea level rise and the Caribbean. Maya Trotz, Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) and University of South Florida


Presentation of the third illustrative case: Droughts (PDF in Spanish). Marcial Solís Paz, Fundación Vida, Honduras


Presentation of the fourth illustrative case: Floods (PDF in Spanish). Felipe Arreguín, CONAGUA and Aldo Ramírez, Water Center for Latin America and the Caribbean on the case in Monterrey.


Water Reserves Program. Eugenio Barrios, WWF


Coffee break


Expert comments and moderated debate. Ania Grobicki, Executive Secretary, GWP and Roger Pulwarty, NOAA


Questions from the floor


Wrap-up from the moderator: Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm, IADB.


Final summary:  Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, Conservation International (CI) , Benedito Braga, President of the IFC of the 6th World Water Forum, Victor Arroyo, UN-HABITAT.


Close of seminar

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