Title: History, Ethics, Religious Values: Contributions to Water and Food Security
Event type: Side Event
Date: 2011-08-22
Time: 17:45 - 18:45
Convenor: Global Water System Project (GWSP), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Water Observatory - Botin Foundation
Room: K16/17

The side event has the objective of spurring dialogue on the role of ethics and religious values in water resources management and in envisaging, with inputs from the audience, future initiatives needed to further explore this topic and, above all, transfer it to the water practitioners' ground. 

 The events will include two parts:

  1. Presentation by three experts of the work undertaken by the Water Observatory of the Botin Foundation, UNESCO and the GWSP in relation to water, ethics and culture/religion in a globalised world. The presentations will be based on the results of the 5th Water Workshop Botín Foundation summarised in a short video and on the work carried out by UNESCO's IHP in promoting water ethics and conflict prevention through building cooperation and peace, as well as on present and future initiatives supported by GWSP in this field.
  2. Discussion on the way forward to explore the establishment of new initiatives, programmes or training courses addressing the issue of water and ethics, to be promoted by the Session three conveners in cooperation with international partners and Member States.



Introduction on the topic. Prof. J. Bogardi, GWSP


Short video on the on the 5th Water Workshop Botín Foundation. Prof. R. Llamas, Water Observatory, Botín Foundation


UNESCO's perspective on Water & Ethics and the History of Water. Dr. A. Aureli & Mr. A. Otte, UNESCO-IHP


Questions & answers and discussion


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