Ronja Helleshøj Sørensen

Seminar: Innovations to reach those left behind: Including the last mile

Ronja is a Master student in Sustainable Cities at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has a keen interest in the social aspects of water. The interest truly became apparent through her involvement with the Water Environmental Association of Ontario at the University of Toronto, Canada, during her Geography bachelor exchange year. Being the only non-engineer member was an incentive Ronja to become further involved considering the importance of perspectives and understandings of water from people with different backgrounds. Back in Copenhagen, Ronja joining the Young Water Professionals Denmark and has been an active member since. Ronja is also a volunteer researcher for a small Danish NGO working with remote rural farmer communities in Nepal and their transition towards becoming more resilient. She has just recently returned from an internship in Vancouver, Canada doing research for the city on water narratives and how Vancouver can become a water sensitive city. Ronja is about to start her Master thesis which will focus on the creation of more value in the multi-functionality of climate adaptation and urban renewal projects in Copenhagen.