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WWW registration

The count down to the 2017 World Water Week in Stockholm has begun!

To help you make the most of the Week, we have put together a selection of tips and resources for your (or your organization’s) communications.

There are more opportunities than ever to market your activities at World Water Week! Please ensure you have completed this survey to indicate your interest in the convenor marketing opportunities.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the SIWI communications team at Our roles, contact details and smiling faces can be found online here:

Promote your event

On our platforms

Ensure you have updated your event in the online programme. This is one of the main places where people are accessing events, so make sure that you upload a nice photo to stick out and add all relevant information such as speakers, articles, infographics, reports, and links. You can also use the online programme after the Week to extend the life of your event. Your presentations will be uploaded there, so make sure to share them in your networks.

The World Water Week app is a great way for participants to set their agenda ahead of and during the Week. Event information is imported to the app from the online programme, which is yet another reason to make sure your event is up-to-date on the programme.

You have the opportunity to fill in your organization’s profile on the app by answering our convenor survey with as much detail as possible. This also enables participants to connect directly to your website and social media through the app. If you did not receive the survey, please email


On social media

The official hashtag of World Water Week is #WWWeek. Make sure to use the hashtag in all of your social media when promoting your event. People are using this hashtag to read about events and to discuss key topics before and under the Week. So, by using #WWWeek in your tweets and on Facebook, you can ensure that your posts are read by more than just your usual followers.

Increase digital participation in, and reach of your event by choosing an event hashtag for questions and comments. Make sure to include this hashtag on your programme page, so that participants can easily access it during the Week.

We have also developed a template for you to create your own shareable event graphic with the World Water Week logo. You can download the template here. If you wish to create your own graphic to promote your event you can download the World Water Week Official Session logo and logo guidelines.

Follow us on Twitter @SIWI_Water and on Facebook to get the latest updates about the Week. Feel free to share our material to kickstart discussions in your social media channels already before the Week and to let your followers know that you will come to the Week.


On your platform

Don’t forget to promote your event on your own platform. Add a news item to your website and link your event to your organization’s event calendar and newsletter. Feel free to use our graphic illustrations and banners further down on this page.

Keep in mind that registration for the Week is already open, so if you want to encourage colleagues and partners to come to the Week and join your event, you might want to remind them about this already now.

Also, think about how you will follow up on your event. You can extend the life of your event by writing a blog or a summary that you post in the days after the Week.


Engage your audience

Try something new and challenge your audience in your presentation!

During the Week your audience will most likely go from presentation to presentation for several days. Keep that in mind and use it as an opportunity to make your presentation stick out. Our participant surveys clearly show that interactive events are greatly appreciated.

Try these five easy tricks, summed up on Forbes’ website or watch the video below for inspiration!


(Please note that links to external resources produced by third-parties)

Connect. Share. Create.

Not sure which hashtag to use? Find the right one below!


Last year participants tweeted using the #WWWeek hashtag 34,306 times. This resulted in as many as 326.1 million hearing about the Week, and that is just through Twitter.

Make your voice heard and join the discussion on social media!



Want to get the most out of your Week? We’ll be bringing you live sessions daily showcasing some of the best the Week has to offer. Get live updates and ask your questions using #WWWeek #Live.


Women play critical roles in all aspects of water governance, yet they are visibly missing from the water dialogue. Images of women as decision makers, water managers, effective water users and stewards are very hard to come by. Through #WaterWomen we aim to collect images that illustrate these important roles and tell the stories of women as invaluable water managers, decision makers and users.
Promote these important roles by participating in our #WaterWomen campaign!

WaterFront Daily Magazine

For reports from the most interesting sessions, interviews with passionate water and development people, analyses of the Week’s hot topics, and the latest buzz of the conference, pick up your copy of the WaterFront Daily.

NB: The WaterFront Daily has an independent editorial staff. Story ideas can be submitted to, but will be up to the discretion of the editorial team. Please send a short summary with contact information to (attn: WaterFront Daily).


How many/what media is attending?

There are usually about 80-100 journalists attending WWW on-site and of course many more covering from a distance. These include traditional media including papers, magazines, TV, radio, trade media and new media with online portals, blogs, twitter etc., usually from all regions. As for the specific news organizations they are too many to mention all but often include AP, AFP, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, ARD, SVT, Bloomberg , Guardian, Thomson Reuters, Xinhua, National Geographic and of course many local papers and radio stations.

Can I access a list of registered media?

Due to Swedish law, contact information for registered media will not be made available. All registered participants – including media – are encouraged to use the official World Water Week App, through which contact can be made.

Retweets from SIWI?

Great that you are planning to be active on Twitter. The official twitter hashtag for WWW is: #wwweek. We cannot guarantee retweets, in general our rule is that we do not retweet any event information but can retweet content if it is line with SIWI’s objectives.

Can you send out our news/reports/press release if we are not a convenor?

Certain press services are included for convenors – for instance dissemination of press releases. If you are not a convenor we can certainly keep printed copies in the on-site press.

If I hire a local camera operator for one day will he/she need a press pass?

Yes they will need a guest pass. It is best if they register beforehand to avoid any delays onsite. Please contact to arrange a guest pass.

Convenor Survey

Help us make next year’s World Water Week even better! Shortly after the Week, you will receive a survey. Please take the time to give us your feedback and suggestions!