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The World Water Week in Stockholm involved more than 200 organisations collaborating on over 100 events. View the 2014 programme online or download in pdf format.



Plenary sessions opened and closed the week with keynote speeches, panel debates and cultural events taking place in between. World Water Week host SIWI initiated a series of workshops, with programmes developed through an open abstract submission process. Seminars (3 hour sessions) and side events (1 hour sessions) were held by different convening organisations, each with their own programme content and format.

Participants were also invited to attend in-depth discussions on a range of regional and thematic areas. Award ceremonies, social events and field visits took place throughout the week and were an important part of World Water Week. Browse the full 2014 online programme.

Thematic Scope – Energy and Water

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Over the next 30 years, food and energy demands are expected to increase dramatically. We will however, depend on the same finite and vulnerable water resources for sustaining life, economic growth and our environment as we do today.

When addressing the “energy and water” theme during 2014 World Water Week in Stockholm we took an overall “systems view” of how we develop and manage energy and water for the good of society and ecosystems – at local, national, regional and global levels - and avoid unintended consequences of narrow sectoral approaches.

The “water, energy and food security nexus”, underpinning the green growth approach, was central to the agenda.

The energy and water theme was addressed from two overall perspectives: the societal opportunities and challenges, and the cross-cutting issues.

Read the full 2014 Thematic Scope here.

Key Collaborating Partners

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Convening Organisations


Whilst World Water Week is organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute, the programme of seminars and side events are planned by the convening and co-convening organisations of the conference.

In order to build partnerships and bring a diversity of perspectives to the World Water Week, SIWI promotes cooperation and encourages organisations to co-convene at the conference.

Thank you to the following organisations for convening or co-convening workshops, seminars or side events at 2014 World Water Week:

Plenary Sessions

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Tours & Visits

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World Water Week is an opportunity to experience some practical examples of the science and policies discussed during the conference. For the 2014 Week, the following visits were organised:

  • The Wetland Alhagen in Nynäshamn
    The wetland is part of the municipal wastewater treatment plant and a recreation site for about 20,000 residents. Learn more about how this low cost, natural treatment system contributes to beautiful surroundings, biodiversity and excellent water quality to the Baltic Sea.
  • Closing the Loop – Creating Energy from Waste
    Visit Henriksdal wastewater treatment plant, one of the largest underground treatment plants in Europe. Witness the clear link between water and energy as wastewater from the greater Stockholm area is turned into refined biogas.

Scientific Programme Committees

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Young Professionals’ Day

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Archive and Resources

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