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The 2015 Programme will be released in April 2015.

In 2014, the World Water Week in Stockholm involved more than 260 organisations and over 100 events. View or download the 2014 programme.

During the Week four teams, each consisting of two lead and five junior rapporteurs, covered all events. Read the messages and recommendations that were distilled from the presentations and discussions in our Overarching Conclusions.

The reporting was divided into four themes: Equitably Balancing Competing Demands; Managing Energy and Waters across Borders; Integrating Water and Energy Policy; and Responding to Global Change.

The rapporteurs’ findings are preceded by SIWI’s own conclusions.


Thematic Scope – Water for Development

2015 is the target year for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Although considerable progress has been made, the targets to achieve improved access to key basic services during the first 15 years of this century will not be fully reached. About one billion people will still lack access to safe water and even more lack access to basic sanitation. About one billion people will still be without electricity and will go to bed hungry – largely the same underprivileged poor.

The challenge remains for the world community in 2015, to formulate, commit to and to urgently pursue a new set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Water is central to these challenges. Our lives and livelihoods, and that of all other living creatures, depend on water. Without it we cannot sustain a productive economy, live healthy lives or produce food, energy and other basic necessities and commodities.

World Water Week in Stockholm will continue to focus on these issues, and the vital role water plays in addressing them. From “water and food security” in 2012, “water cooperation” in 2013 and “water and energy” in 2014, we look forward to highlighting the importance of “water for development” in 2015.

Continue reading the thematic scope here (page 4-5).

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Key Collaborating Partners


Convening Organisations

Whilst World Water Week is organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute, the programme of seminars and side events are planned by the convening and co-convening organisations of the conference.

In order to build partnerships and bring a diversity of perspectives to the World Water Week, SIWI promotes cooperation and encourages organisations to co-convene at the conference.

Join us as convenor at 2015 World Water Week in Stockholm by submitting event proposals online.

The organisations convened or co-convened workshops, seminars or side events at 2014 World Water Week:


Plenary Sessions

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Tours & Visits

The World Water Week offers field visits as an opportunity to experience practical examples of the science and policies discussed during the conference.

The World Water Week field visits take place in the Stockholm area and tickets can be booked upon registration for the Week. The field visit locations for the 2015 Week will be announced in mid-April 2015.

For more information about the World Water Week field visits please contact:

Ms. Maarja Undrits
Phone: +46 8 121 360 53

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Scientific Programme Committees

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Young Professionals’ Day

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Archive and Resources

2014: Energy and Water

2014 Overarching Conclusions
2014 World Water Week report – “Energy and Water – The Vital Link for a Sustainable Future”
2014 World Water Week Programme (printed)
2014 World Water Week Programme (online)

2013: Water Cooperation – Building Partnerships

2013 Overarching Conclusions
2013 World Water Week report – “Cooperation for a Water Wise World”
2013 World Water Week Programme (printed)
2013 World Water Week Programme (online)
At the Confluence – Selection from the 2013 World Water Week in Stockholm

2012: Water and Food Security

2012 Programme
2012 Overarching Conclusions
2012 Abstract Volume
2012 World Water Week report – “Feeding a thirsty world”
At the Confluence – Selection from the 2012 World Water Week in Stockholm

2011: Responding to Global Changes: Water in an Urbanising World

2011 Programme
2011 Overarching Conclusions
2011 Abstract Volume
On the Water Front Vol. 3