Prof. Gyewoon Choi, Incheon National University

Gyewoon Choi is currently Professor of Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Incheon National University, Korea. He served as CEO of K-water, the government-owned water management corporation having over 4,500 employees from November, 2013 to May, 2016. He was at the forefront of resolving water and environment related affairs through multiple leadership roles, encompassing water resources, water supply, urban environment, sustainable management activities, new and renewable energy, and overseas business.

A few notable leadership positions he has been appointed were Secretary General of World City Water Forum, Secretary General of International Conference on Hydro-Science and Engineering 2000, Vice Presidents of Korea Water Forum, Korean Water Resources Association and Korean Civil Engineering Association, Chairman of Korea National Committee on Large Dams, and the Founder & the First President of Asia Water Council.

As the leader of one among co-organizing agencies for 7th World Water Forum, Gyewoon Choi initiated SWMI (Smart Water Management Initiative) to systematize the advanced water management approach having the collaboration with ICT technology.

He also indicated the superior achievement in the area of research such as Managing Director of Smart Water grid Research Group and the area of governance between private and public sectors such as Co-chairman in Incheon Metropolitan City Stream Restoration Propulsion and Chairman of Incheon Social Enterprise Network.