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2015 World Water Week theme: Water for Development

The World Water Week in Stockholm is a global water conference that focuses on big issues and practical solutions. It attracts experts, opinion leaders and decision makers from every corner of the planet.

The 2015 theme is “Water for Development”. This year is the target year for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Although some progress has been made, the challenge remains for the world community to formulate, commit to and to urgently pursue a new set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Water is central to these challenges. Our lives and livelihoods, and that of all other living creatures, depend on water. Without it we cannot sustain a productive economy, live healthy lives or produce food, energy and other basic necessities and commodities.

Read the full Thematic Scope.

The main contribution of the 2015 World Water Week will be to discuss how to highlight the role of water in other SDGs and how water-related goals and targets can be most effectively implemented.

We hope that journalists following the week, both in person and digitally, will help us raise the awareness of these questions and stimulate discussions, all over the world.

The Online Press Room is a space dedicated to journalists covering the news and ideas that emerge over the course of the week – both in person and digitally. Here, we will provide you with webcasts of the top events, important press releases as well as lists of press events, key speakers and experts.

Already now, you can read up on important information and look at water and development related facts and statistics.

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Practical Information

Press Accreditation

This year’s press registration has just opened! Register directly online. Accredited journalists are entitled to full access to World Water Week plenaries, seminars, workshops, side events and the conference venue.

Services On Site

A fully staffed press room is available to accredited journalists on the 5th floor of Folkets Hus, part of City Conference Centre in the heart of Stockholm. Here, you can receive assistance with interview requests, work in a quiet environment and obtain information on scheduled press events.

Online Programme

Use the Online Programme to search for a specific topic or get an overview of the themes that will be discussed during the week. Browse events by theme, topic, type and date.

Social Media

World Water Week has a number of social media channels through which you can connect to help stay abreast of events, updates and virtual discussions on the topics you cover. Connect now to uncover stories and find potential interviewees!

Follow @siwi_water on Twitter to receive updates in advance and during the week. The official World Water Week hashtag is #wwweek – use it in your communication!

@SIWI_water on Twitter

#wwweek on Twitter

Media Contacts

Press Releases & Speeches

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Photos from the 2015 World Water Week will be available on the SIWI Media Hub. Photos can be downloaded and shared with credit to the photographers. High level panels, seminars, workshops, award ceremonies and social events as well as general water pictures are offered free of charge and without restriction, for non-commercial, editorial use by journalists and bloggers. You can also find high-res photos on climate change, water in urban environments, agriculture, sanitation and other water related issues.

Please note, SIWI Media Hub currently contains photos from World Water Week 2013 and 2014. For photos from previous years, please visit the World Water Week Flickr page. Please follow the credit information provided on each items.

How to credit

Photographs may be republished with credit given to the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI).


For print-quality original files, please contact: Ms. Elin Ingblom


SIWI Media Hub: Watch, download and embed water related videos

The video material on the SIWI Media Hub is offered free of charge and without restriction, for non-commercial, editorial use by journalists and bloggers. Please credit the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI).

  • High quality video for TV broadcasters and web-based media journalists, SIWI Media Hub hosts broadcast quality video material online.
  • Interviews and edited features from experts on current issues and the conference
  • B-roll footage on different topics and from different regions of the world

Click here for more video material from World Water Week 2014.

World Water Week 2015 is Water for Development

World Water Week Silver Jubilee Film