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Night view of the Gamla Stan (The Old Town) in Stockholm, Sweden


Stockholm is one of the world’s most beautiful capitals. Built on 14 islands around one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved mediaeval city centres, the Swedish capital is superbly positioned, with stunning and varied scenery in every direction. Stockholm offers a wealth of museums, theatres, sights, attractions and events, whether your interest lies in history, art, opera, modern dance, traditional handicraft, contemporary design and much more.

For further information about Stockholm, please visit or contact:

Stockholm Visitor Center
Kulturhuset, Sergels Torg 5, 103 27 Stockholm
+46 (0) 8-508 28 508


2019 Venue: Q&A

World Water Week, the leading annual event on global water issues, is evolving in response to increasing demand as the gravity of global water crises sets in. Starting in 2019, the event will move to Tele2 Arena in the Swedish capital Stockholm. We have selected the new venue with the intention of creating a more inclusive World Water Week village. Tele2 Arena not only makes it possible for more people to attend, it also allows for more flexibility and networking opportunities.

Why is World Water Week moving to a new venue in 2019?

World Water Week is evolving in response to increasing demand as the gravity of global water crises sets in. We want to bring together both high water users and those who can contribute to solutions.

We want to create a collaborative learning experience and an even more inclusive World Water Week. Tele2 Arena allows for greater flexibility and more networking opportunities. This is particularly poignant given next year’s theme – Leave no one behind.

Will this affect this year’s World Water Week?

No, this year’s World Water Week will still take place at Stockholm City Conference Centre during the last week of August.

What is Tele2 Arena?

Tele2 Arena is a multi-purpose stadium that typically hosts major sporting and music events.

Where is it?

Tele2 Arena is located at Stockholm Globe Centre, just south of central Stockholm and close to no less than six subway stations, including Globen and Gullmarsplan (just a 10min subway ride from Central Station).

In which way is it different compared to the present location?

Well, it is an arena! It is a flexible, modern space and is of course, spacious. We can also take advantage of facilities inside and very near to the venue, helping to create a sort of World Water Week village. Accommodation, cafes and restaurants, and options for closed meetings and social events are all available in or very near to the arena.

The arena floor will serve as the central square, a space for meetings, networking and the exhibition area.

What are the new opportunities?

The programme will be largely the same as previous years, but the venue will offer new opportunities for partners, more space for exhibitors and of course more networking opportunities for convenors and participants.

We will introduce a Swedish pavilion at the exhibition area to showcase Swedish organizations’ and companies’ work with the SDGs. We also hope that events often held in the side-lines of World Water Week can be held in the arena, or close by.

Will World Water Week grow?

It will evolve, rather than grow. World Water Week is a collaborative learning experience with some 3300 participants from more than 130 countries come to Stockholm each year to exchange knowledge, network and develop solutions to water-related challenges. Nearly 400 organizations will convene sessions this year.

We would like to see representation from the high water-use sectors increase over coming years – such as industry, energy, agriculture, food, the private sector generally – but key to the Week’s success over the last quarter of a century has been the focus on quality content and inclusive, solution-driven collaboration. This will continue to be the core of the Week.

Is it possible to have a look at the new venue already now?

Planning for the move to Tele2 Arena is underway. Please contact Gabriela Suhoschi, Director of World Water Week and Prizes, SIWI for more information.