Towards a more sustainable World Water Week

SIWI is constantly striving towards making World Water Week more environmentally sustainable. As a step towards a reduced environmental impact, all the conference material is produced in the most sustainable way possible, using biodegradable materials and an environmentally friendly production processes. SIWI stronglyencourages all participants to keep their environmental impact during the conference to a minimum.

A number of initiatives are in place to promote an environmentally sustainable meeting:

  • Eco-labeled hotels
  • Recycling at the conference venue
  • Fair-trade and locally produced meals and beverages
  • Carbon offsetting opportunities
  • Striving towards a paperless conference

As part of our journey to becoming paperless, we will not be printing the official programme this year. Instead, PDF versions of the programme have been produced – both the complete programme, and one for each day, so that participants can decide if, and how much of the programme they wish to print. The entire programme will also be available offline through the World Water Week app, and a mini programme is available on venue for quick reference.

Calculate your carbon emissions

As part of our ongoing effort to promote sustainable development and facilitate inspired actions, World Water Week invites all participants to calculate their event related carbon emissions and invest in carbon offsetting projects.

To offset your emissions online and to learn more about carbon offsetting, please visit Climate Care at