Ms. Karin Lexén, SIWI

Ms. Karin Lexén is a skilled director with expertise in international environmental politics and advocacy. As of 2012, Ms. Lexén is Director for the World Water Week and Prizes Department at SIWI and manages SIWI’s involvement in overarching international processes. In addition, Karin Lexén is SIWI’s focal point for global climate policy processes. From 2007-2012, Ms. Lexén was the Director for the Swedish Water House initiative (SWH) at SIWI. The Swedish Water House was established in 2003 by the Swedish Government with the overall objective to support international policy development and cooperation in the water and development field by generating knowledge, disseminating it and building partnerships. As Director of SWH, Ms. Lexén has applied her extensive talent and training in leadership, networking and policy development to forge productive cooperation between Swedish-based, internationally oriented academic institutions, consultants, government agencies, NGOs, research institutes and other stakeholders.

Ms. Lexén has a strong background in policy and advocacy. Before joining SIWI, Ms. Lexén was the International Policy Director at the Church of Sweden. There, she developed and managed the policy department with responsibilities ranging from global analysis, policy creation, opinion building, to dialogue with decision makers on issues such as the environment, global economy, human rights and conflict management. Prior to this, Ms. Lexén was Head of Section for the Swedish Ministry for the Environment. There she worked with policy work and EU/UN-negotiations related to Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Marine Environment.

Ms. Lexén is an Environmental Chemist and researched organic pollutants and their environmental impact at Stockholm University and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency from 1988 to 1994.