sergio campos

Mr Sergio Campos, Inter-American Development Bank

Sergio I. Campos G. is the head of the water and sanitation team at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in Washington D.C.

He is responsible of the drinking water, sanitation, water resources management and solid waste portfolio which accounts to approximately USD 9,000 million in 100 projects in the IDB’s 26 member countries. In addition, he manages the Spanish Water and Sanitation Fund for Latin America and the Caribbean (USD 1.1 billion) and the AquaFund, a multi-donor fund for technical cooperation.

He has lead the design and implementation of initiatives and special programs with strategic partners in areas such as behavioral change (Lazos de Agua), green infrastructure (Latin American Water Funds Partnership), recycling (Regional Initiative for Inclusive Recycling), among others.

In addition, he oversees the application of AquaRating, an assessment tool that evaluates the performance of public utilities; and Hydro-BID, a hydrological simulation tool that has mapped water availability in more than 280,000 watersheds across Latin America and the Caribbean.

He is also in charge of the overall WASH knowledge and communications agenda (including publications, blogs, MOOCs, SPOCs, presentations), with an average of 12 technical publications a year.

Prior to joining the Bank, Mr Campos led the structuring of large water and sanitation infrastructure programs with sovereign guarantee and worked on structuring merger and acquisition projects in transport, energy, water and sanitation and telecommunications, as well as in reengineering projects, business consulting, and microfinance.

Mr Campos is an economist with Master’s degrees in Finances and Public Policy.