Marij Zwart

Marij Zwart (Msc) is a sanitary engineer with a great affinity with the recovery of resources from wastewater. During her studies, a Bachelor International Land & Water Management at the Wageningen University and a Master Civil Engineering at the Technical University Delft, she specialized in innovative wastewater treatment technologies, with a focus on the developing world context. She did internships with Royal HaskoningDHV and IWM in Ghana and worked on a research project with the Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique. She graduated on a proof of principle study proving that nitrogen from municipal wastewater can be used as a fuel for electricity production.

She currently works with the Dutch water company Evides as a technical trainee, rotating between different projects in the Netherlands and in Mozambique. Next to work, Marij is volunteering as a language coach and she gives guest lectures to show young girls that the technical working field is super interesting and fun, as well for girls as for boys.

Marij is intrigued with all the potential that wastewater holds. In her current function as a technical trainee she worked with RINEW (Rotterdam Innovative Nutrients Energy and Watermanagement) on the design of a pilot-scale decentralized wastewater treatment unit for the former habor areas of Rotterdam. In Mozambique she worked on the ‘Waste-2-Value’ pilot project, designing and implementing anaerobic digesters.