Marielle Larson

Marielle is a Senior Associate for Visioneers at the XPRIZE Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on incentive competitions that foster breakthroughs for humanity.

Prior to XPRIZE, Marielle was a consultant at Deloitte where she incorporated change management and strategic facilitation into the design and sustainable implementation of solutions for Federal clients. Within Deloitte, Marielle founded a community of social intrapreneurs that provided strategy services to non-profits, such as developing a millennial engagement approach for the Social Enterprise Alliance and delivering strategy hackathons for the Halcyon Incubator.

Marielle specializes in water reuse and real-time data. As an XPRIZE fellow, she co-designed an incentive competition focused on decentralized reuse and real-time water quality data. She has also been an advocate of increasing women’s involvement in the policy, design, and operations of urban water ecosystems.