2014 Live webcast schedule

4- 6 events a day will be webcasted live from the World Water Week! Stay tuned!

Click each titles to see the event’s online programme. All broadcasting times below are in CET.

Sunday 31 August

09:00-12:30 Water Quality, Energy, and Climate Change

09:00-12:30  Does Water Footprint Assessment Enhance Sustainable Management Of River Basins?

14:00-17:30 Malin Falkenmark Seminar: Managing Centres of Booming Water Expectations in Basins and Regions of Change

14:00-17:30  The Next Big Paradigm Shift: From Linear to Circular Economy, the Water-Energy-Resources Nexus

Monday 1 September

09:30-12:30 Opening Plenary

14:00-17:30 Public Private Cooperation: The Key for Water and Energy Management

14:00-17:30 Managing Water Variability and Competing Demands in Complex River Basins

17:45-18:45 Innovations in Sustainability for Water and Sanitation Services

Tuesday 2 September

09:00-12:30 Water and Shale Energy Development: Risks and Future Implications for Society

09:00-12:30 Sanitation Business Models for Safe Resource Recovery and Reuse (RRR)

14:00-17:30 Stockholm Industry Water Award award ceremony and Founders Business Seminar: Sanitation – A Liquid Asset Stream?

14:00-17:30 The Power of Flows: Negotiating Sustainable Hydropower through Environmental Flows

Wednesday 3 September

09:00-12:30 Global Choke Point: On the Front Lines of the Water-Food-Energy Crisis

09:00-12:30 Young Professionals Shaping the Post-2015 Agenda

14:00-17:30 Water Linkages to Coal Fired Energy Production: Shaping the Water and Energy Future

14:00-17:30  UN-Water Stakeholder Dialogue: The Water-Energy-Food-Nexus and the Post-2015 Development Agenda

19:00-21:00 Stockholm Junior Water Prize award ceremony

Thursday 4 September

09:00-12:30 Stockholm Water Prize Seminar: The Power of Water

09:00-12:30 Climate-Informed Decision Support Tools for Sustainable Water Management

14:00-17:30 Water as Energy Storage for Better Integration of Renewables

14:00-15:30  Valuation, Economics and Finance

20:45-21:00 Stockholm Water Prize award ceremony

Friday 4 September

09:00-13:00 Closing Plenary