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Industry’s role in ecosystem management: seminar at World Water Week 2018!

Outside the fence: Industry’s role in ecosystem management

Co-convenors: Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), ICMM and WWF


Demand for water from the private sector is increasing. The OECD projects that by 2050, 40 percent more water is required globally than in 2000. While addressing operational water issues, industries are now implementing strategies that address water in watersheds and value chains and proactively engaged on policy and technology innovation.

Complex challenges (“wicked problems”) such as water and ecosystems and their impact on human development require collective action and business ecosystem strategies. In many cases the public sector alone lacks the resources needed to address these complex challenges. For the SDGs to be achieved by 2030 the private sector will be a critical partner with other stakeholders. The private sector must have a strategy which compels them to move beyond their fenceline to address risks (including proactively engaging with the public sector, consumers, customers and other stakeholders), drive business growth and contribute to solving environmental and social issues.


The more expansive role for the private sector is driving innovation in public policy, technology, business models, partnerships and financing/funding of solutions. This seminar will explore the financial, technical, social and resource management business cases for private sector across global value chains. This seminar will highlight case studies that have effectively addressed water, ecosystems and human development needs through collective action and business ecosystem strategies. Most importantly, this seminar will bring together diverse stakeholders from the private sector including the information, communication and technology (ICT) and entrepreneurial communities.

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