Hot off the press! At the Confluence from 2015 World Water Week

At the Confluence – scientific articles based on presentations made at the 2015 World Water Week – has been launched. They make it clear that unless water, and its role for development, is better understood, challenges will persist.

The 2015 World Water Week took place against the backdrop of 2015 being a key year for future global sustainable development as defined in the 2030 Agenda. The Agenda highlights water as a top global challenge; the role of water in the processes leading up to the Agenda 2030 and the Paris climate agreement was continuously highlighted throughout World Water Week.

The crucial role of water for a sustainable development is underlined throughout the articles in this volume and it is made clear that unless water, and its role for development, is better understood challenges will persist. The increasing urbanization with the subsequent need to better manage changing conditions is highlighted; the importance of having more inclusive governance for governments to be able to fulfil their obligations towards citizens is analyzed.

The need for suitable ways to apply economic instruments is outlined together with various approaches to support development through improving water and sanitation around the world, while recognizing the unique role of water to sustain proper ecosystems management.

The contributions show the tight links between water and development. With the articles in this edition, we offer an increased understanding of key aspects of these links.