Fees and criteria for discount

Convene an event SEK 36 000 excl. VAT (approximately EUR 3 674)
Convene a Gold Standard World Water Week event (rewarded with 10% discount) SEK 32 400 excl. VAT (approximately EUR 3 307)
Convene an event and fulfill the financial assistance criteria 10% discount

Exchange rate from November 2016

We are striving to better balance room capacity with expected demand. Up until now, convenors have selected the room size for their event. Moving forward, SIWI will assign all rooms based on expected interest. Rooms vary from 60-300 persons and are arranged in theatre, group or flexible mixed style seating.

Criteria and eligibility for the different discounts can be found here and here.

Included in fee


  • Event room, including PPT-presentation system and sound system
  • Technical and logistical support, including WWW volunteers during the event
  • Presenter name signes


  • Inclusion in the official World Water Week “Call for registrations” publication, sent to SIWIs mailing list and via social media
  • Inclusion and detailed programme in the World Water Week Programme, sent to SIWIs mailing list and via social media and distributed on site of the conference
  • Dedicated event webpage on the Online Programme including link to your organisation’s homepage
  • Access to the World Water Week app
  • World Water Week logo, texts and advisory support for your marketing
  • Conclusions and presentations on your event webpage

NOT included in the fee

  • Registration fees. Everyone attending World Water Week or its events needs to be registered to enter the venue.
  • Filming of event
  • Sound technician
  • Translation services