Hosting a SIWI Sofa

Video segment*                    25,000 SEK
Podcast segment**               20,000 SEK

*Professional filming of the segment, uploaded to the SIWI Media Hub within 24hrs.

**Professional recording of the segment, uploaded to the SIWI Media Hub within 24hrs.

Included in fee

– Full editorial support, ie. help from a professional (independent) journalist to identify the best angle and draft questions. He/she will also conduct the interview.

– Stage with lighting and audio equipment, filming equipment (if Video segment is ordered)

– Technical and logistical support before and during your session


– Inclusion in the World Water Week Programme, sent to SIWIs mailing list and via social media and distributed on site of the conference

Included in fee (cont.)

– Dedicated webpage in the Online Programme including link to your organisation’s homepage
– Ability to post conclusions and presentations on your dedicated webpage
– Dedicated webpage the World Water Week app
– World Water Week logo, promotional texts and advisory support for your marketing

– Your Video/Podcast segment will be shared through SIWI Media Hub within 24hrs

– Your Video/Podcast segment will be yours to share and use as you please within your own channels.

NOT included in the fee

– Registration fees. Everyone attending World Water Week or its events needs to be registered to enter the venue, unless “external participant” packages is added
– Translation services
– Catering