Entrepreneurship driving water impact for all

Co-convenors: Korean Ministry of Environment, Inter-American Development Bank, Global Water Entrepreneurship Pact and San Miguel Corporation

Global business leaders have been identifying “Water Crises” as a top 5 risk to their businesses in terms of global impact and likelihood, indicating a realization that unsustainable water use in developing, emerging and industrialised countries alike can negatively affect water availability and quality for all users, including businesses. However, business could be part of the solution.

Public and private actors are coming together more often to discuss how to reduce or eliminate risks to public and eco-system health, and incremental losses for businesses. The role of policy-makers and international development agencies have been continuously moving towards catalysing private actors, funds and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to contribute more fundamentally to sustainable development through promoting impact-driven, and inclusive solutions.

To achieve an equitable water sharing for all society sectors and for healthy ecosystems, an entrepreneurial sector could be empowered to create inclusive, community-based solutions.

The seminar will review successes and failures of existing catalytic support mechanisms for accelerating and promoting water and sanitation entrepreneurship in communities, and environmental leadership in businesses in high, middle and low-income countries, towards inclusive sustainable development. How do these initiatives combine financial solutions, innovation, and business modelling, in driving inclusive and sustainable growth? Why should government agencies promote water and sanitation entrepreneurship? What are the obstacles to and opportunities for growth acceleration? How can larger corporations and public-private partnerships contribute to SME development? What motivates investment in social entrepreneurship beyond technical application? And how does entrepreneurship empower water users?


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