Speakers images-Dr. Robert Bos

Dr. Robert Bos, IWA

Robert Bos is a Dutch public health biologist who completed a 32-year career in the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2013. He has worked on issues on the interface of water, environment and human health. As the Executive Secretary of the joint WHO/FAO/UNEP Panel of Experts on Environmental Management for Vector Control he managed technical assistance, research and capacity building on reducing vector-borne disease transmission in the context of water resources development. He promoted the development of health impact assessment methods and procedures. He contributed to the development of norms and standards for safe use of wastewater in agriculture.

From 2009 to 2013 he was the Coordinator, Water, Sanitation and Health. In this position he led WHO efforts in global monitoring of access to sanitation and drinking-water, in normative (drinking-)water quality work, in the promotion of drinking-water and sanitation in different settings and on incorporating a health component into water resources development and management.

Currently he is senior advisor to the International Water Association on a part-time basis. He holds M.Sc.’s from the University of Amsterdam in medical biology and in basic and clinical immunology.