Dr. Maimuna Nalubega, AfDB (co-opted)

Dr. Maimuna Nalubega works with the African Development Bank as a water and sanitation engineer under the Water Development and Sanitation Department. She has over 25 years’ broad experience in water supply, sanitation and environmental engineering.

Dr. Nalubega combines operations, applied research, consulting and capacity building expertise. She has undertaken a wide range of sector technical and capacity development projects for a variety of institutions. Her work with the African Development Bank (AfDB) over the past 6 years spans investment projects development and management, as well as policy and strategy development for a broad range of water and capacity development related areas.

Before the AfDB, Maimuna spent over 10 years in the academia, where she was in charge of Public Health and Environmental Engineering at Makerere University and carried out various research activities with regional and European universities; including the co-supervision of PhD students in environmental engineering. She also worked as the coordinator for the water and sanitation program of the World Bank in Uganda, supporting water supply and sanitation policy dialogue and strategy development.

Dr. Nalubega holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering from IHE-Delft and the Wageningen University in the Netherlands; having completed her Masters in Sanitary Engineering at IHE-Delft. She has worked with organisations throughout Africa and collaborated with teams in Europe, Southeast Asia and the Americas.