Dr Jenny Grönwall, Stockholm International Water Institute

Dr Jenny Grönwall is a social scientist with SIWI’s Water Governance Department. Her research is currently focused on wastewater reuse and treatment regulation for sustainable textiles in India, and groundwater resilience and dependence issues among the urban poor. Her experience involves household surveys and fieldwork among delta farmers in Vietnam, slum dwellers in Ghana, and textile industrialists in India.

Dr Grönwall is SIWI’s focal point for the Institute’s work on the human rights-based approach and has co-developed a manual on the human rights-based approach to IWRM. She works with human rights issues in the Transboundary Rivers of South Asia Programme and for the World Water Development Report 2019, and sits in a working group for the OECD Water Governance Initiative. She has authored articles, chapters and reports on women and corruption in the water sector, groundwater governance in India, and the water-energy-food nexus.

Prior to joining SIWI in 2013, Jenny worked for the Institute of Water Policy at the National University of Singapore, the Abu Dhabi Water and Supervision Bureau, the International Institute of Environment and Development in London, the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Jenny has a Master of Laws (jur. kand.) from Gothenburg University, a PhD from Linköping University, and was a research fellow with ATREE in Bengaluru, India, for her post-doc.