Dr. Diego Rodriguez, The World Bank Group

Dr. Diego Rodriguez has been working for the last seven years as a Senior Economist at the Water Unit of the Department of Transport, Water and Information and Communication Technology of the Sustainable Development Vice-Presidency of the World Bank. He is currently the Task Team Leader of thirsty energy, a new World Bank initiative to assist countries to quantify the tradeoffs of energy and water planning and investments. He is also the Program Manager of the Water Partnership Program, a USD 50 million program to assist to incorporate cutting edge knowledge and innovation in water and other related sectors. Dr. Diego Rodriguez is currently providing technical support to operational teams in several countries on the use of economic analysis in large water infrastructure investments under deep uncertainty.

Prior to joining the World Bank he worked for 15 years at the Inter-American Development Bank and also worked at the Danish Hydraulic Institute. Diego Rodriguez has more 23 years of experience in sectorial, operational, policy and strategy development in water supply, sanitation, and water resources management. Diego Rodriguez has degrees in Applied Economics (MA) and Economics of Water (PhD).