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Dear Convener,

The count down to the 2014 World Water Week has started! We want to ensure that you have the most successful experience that you can at the Week and each year SIWI offers a selection of marketing opportunities and text suggestions that are available to you for free use in your own communications.

Over the following page you will find logos and marketing assets, helpful information and facts and figures to market your presence at the conference.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at the Communications team. You can find all our contact details under Media.

Wishing you all the best for your promotional activities!

General Facts

World Water Week in Stockholm is the annual meeting place for all actors related to water and engaged in development issues. Organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), it brings together around 2,500 experts, practitioners, decision makers and business innovators from around the globe to exchange ideas, foster new thinking and develop solutions.

World Water Week in numbers

  • 2,600 visitors and 50 exhibitors from 130 countries took part in 2013.
  • 95 % of participants rated the overall organisation of World Water Week as Good or Excellent.
  • 94 % of exhibitors in 2013 rated the quality of visitors as Good or Excellent.
  • 75 % of participants said they mostly attended World Water Week in order to network and make partnerships.

Media Coverage

  • 1,900 Media hits during World Water Week.
  • Coverage in 80 countries.
  • Top 5 countries: US, Germany, UK, Canada, Sweden.
  • WWW reportage in the Guardian was read by 32,666 readers worldwide.
  • Live streaming and on demand videos from the event received over 60,000 views.

Social media

World Water Week has several Social Media channels which you can use to broaden the reach of your events and promote virtual discussions on the topics your activities cover.

In 2013 World Water Week saw huge numbers of participants connect and debate online:

  • 97,000 people that messaged and comments on topics and events at World Water Week reached in the Facebook newsfeeds.
  • 15,000 #wwweek related tweets during the five days of the event.
  • 300 tweets were written, posted and shared every hour of the conference.

These virtual interactions pushed forward questions, statements and ideas about water, development and cooperation.


 World Water Week in Stockholm 
 Stockholm International Water Institute


Stockholm International Water Institute


Marketing opportunities

Are you going to launch something new?
Let us know if you are going to launch any new publications or initiatives at the Week that you’d want the press to know about. We will make sure to forward the information to media covering the conference. Also feel free to send through expert bios and other material that you think could be of interest to media and which will help us facilitate interview requests.

Do you want to hold a press conference?
We have a room reserved for this purpose which can be booked free of charge. Let us know if you are interested in hosting a press event.

Are you planning to issue press releases?
We are happy to help disseminate. Send the press release to us a day in advance (with the launch date clearly indicated), and we will make sure it gets published on the World Water Week website and that we link to them when we send out news bulletins to our press contacts. If you want to make printed versions available at the venue you are welcome to hand those in at the desk in the press room.

If you're planning any of the above activities, contact Ms. Sanna Gustafsson.

Marketing Materials

Market your events through your own channels
Add the World Water Week to your event calendars, website and communications materials and make sure to spread the word in your networks. On the right hand side of this page, you find the World Water Week logo as well as a graphic illustrations of this year's theme, which you are welcome to use when posting information in newsletters, on web, in print and email signature about your Stockholm events and activities on your websites and in your newsletters.

Online Programme
Don't forget to link up to your event's webpage in the Online Programme and to upload all relevant resources (i.e. articles, reports, infographics, links to websites) there to make your event page as attractive as possible.

New paid marketing opportunity: Live stream your event at World Water Week! Read more under Livestreaming.