Seminar 2019


Linking biodiversity with inclusive development to achieve the 2030 Agenda

Co-convenors: International Union for Conservation of Nature, International Water Management Institute, Biome Environmental Trust and Stockholm Resilience Centre The planet’s biodiversity is under threat and water-related ecosystems rapidly degrading. Healthy aquatic ecosystems are a prerequisite for securing many of the endangered species and life-sustaining systems. Joint... READ MORE

Equity in climate change adaptation

Co-convenors: African Development Bank, Alliance for Global Water Adaptation, Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre and Women Engage for a Common Future Impacts from climate change pose many challenges to water and sanitation development and management. This includes changing patterns of both supply and demand for water resources,... READ MORE

Addressing migration through regional integration and water security for all

Co-convenors: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Water Research Commission, Overseas Development Institute and International Trade Centre Regional economic integration can foster transboundary water management as well as energy and food security. It also attracts investments that address infrastructure deficits, accelerates participation in global and regional value chains, and stimulates economic growth.... READ MORE