Thematic Scope

Cross-cutting issues 4

Bridging the science-policy-people interface for energy and water In the final declaration "The Future We Want" from world leaders at the Rio+20 Summit in 2012 the chapter on energy contained no reference to water, and the water chapter did not mention energy. Clearly, whilst a... READ MORE

Cross-cutting issues 3

Developing information and decision support systems for energy and water Access to, and sharing of data and information, not least across jurisdictions and boundaries, is in itself a major challenge for water resources management. In transboundary settings it is often considered an issue of national... READ MORE

Cross-cutting issues 2

Addressing the economic and financial aspects of water and energy The economic value of energy varies in a changing market and may be difficult to assess for long term investments. For water, assessments of economic value must accommodate the fact that water is a public and... READ MORE

Cross-cutting issues 1

Coordinating energy and water policies and governance Unintended consequences of energy development for water, and vice versa, often have their roots in fragmented policies, e.g. energy subsidies in some parts of the world contributing to unsustainable groundwater overdraft through excessive pumping. The energy and water worlds seem... READ MORE

Societal opportunities and challenges 3

Energy and water in a vulnerable and changing environment Sharply accelerating demands for food and energy production place increasing pressure on the availability of water for vulnerable ecosystems and the biodiversity and human livelihoods they sustain. Energy production, be it hydropower development, biofuel production, shale... READ MORE