World Water Week App

The World Water Week app: Participant list and updates during the Week!

This year you can use the WWW App to find and contact other participants!

All registered participants will have access to our World Water Week app that is a one-stop for all – one place you could turn for logistics, the Programme, convenor information, and most importantly, to connect with other participants.


Looking for the participant list? Download the app!


iOS and Android users

Please visit App Store / Google Play and search 'World Water Week'.

Download, install the app and register!

Create your user profile - it's up to you how much contact information to share. Once the profile is created, you can start making your schedules and networking with other participants!

Any other operating system including Windows
If your device is running on any other operating system, you can use the web app, simply by visiting the web version in your browser (please click the button above).
Note! The web version of the app doesn't have interactive and socialising features such as notifications, ratings, polls and private messaging. We recommend to use iOS or Android native apps to take full advantage of the World Water Week app features!