Amy Syvrud

Seminar: Water governance with and for all: Is it working?

Amy Syvrud is an international water policy practitioner with on-the-ground experience in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, the USA and numerous countries throughout Europe. As a Master of Science in Integrated Water Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy and Leadership, Amy has developed a holistic, interdisciplinary, and whole-of-water-cycle approach to water management. Her primary work and research has focused on water policy and governance reform, water markets and water security.

Amy currently works as a Senior Consultant at Aither, a specialist water policy and economics advisory firm based in Melbourne, Australia. While at Aither, Amy has contributed to the development of internationally significant reports, participated in water policy dialogues with senior government stakeholders, and supported extensive consultation processes in rural and regional Australia. Prior to Aither, Amy began her career in water management within the Global Freshwater Strategies Team at The Nature Conservancy, investigating the potential to use water markets to advance environmental restoration.