A big step towards a paperless Week!

This year, we will save 650,000 sheets of paper by making the full conference programme entirely digital. Building increasingly on digital resources also means that, for participants, there are now more ways than ever to access the different features of our programme.

The newly re-launched online programme offers participants the opportunity to browse the full conference programme before arriving in Stockholm. Participants also have the opportunity to favourite interesting events and download them to their personal calendar, allowing one to plan events, meetings and social outings well before arriving at the Week.

A downloadable pdf programme, containing all the same information as our previous paper version, will now be available as early as mid-August. For easier use, it will be divided by day so that participants can download whichever section best suits their needs.

For those who prefer a paper copy in their hands, we have specifically designed the pdf programme to reduce ink usage and to be easily legible in black and white when printed at home.

Registered participants can also use the newly launched World Water Week mobile application to set their schedule interactively and engage with other participants.

At the venue, we will provide a printed mini-programme which will allow participants to find all the information they need as they need it, without having to carry a 500g programme book around for several days.

This is an important step in the process towards making World Water Week a paperless conference. We have earlier asked and incentivised convenors to go paperless, by providing them with our continuously updatable online programme platform for document sharing.

We are now ready to lead by example, in the hopes that our participants and convenors will join us as we work to increase the sustainability of the Week.