2016 World Water Week Call for Registration

Studying the abstracts submitted to SIWI for World Water Week events is a quick way to see where the water discussion is headed. The clear winner this year is implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on indicators and monitoring.

SIWI will dedicate part of this year’s World Water Week to taking stock of water in the Agenda 2030 as well as in the Paris climate agreement.

Financing for development is another topic that grows each year, if we use World Water Week abstracts as a measuring tool. Since proper financing is a prerequisite for any sort of implementation of the global goals, it is a subject we hope to see discussed in-depth during the Week.

Other topics receiving a lot of attention are transboundary aquifers, natural infrastructure, as well as nutrition, irrigation and drought.

Our theme for the Week, Water for Sustainable Growth, will be a common denominator for all our talks.

As you can see, we are planning for an exciting World Water Week! In this Call for Registration, you can browse the programme and start planning your Week. Between 28 August and 2 September, Stockholm is the place to be. Register now, and welcome!


Download it here