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Hot off the press! Overarching Conclusions for 2014 World Water Week

The Overarching Conclusions from the 2014 World Water Week, “Energy and Water”, are now available. In this publication, you will find the main conclusions and messages from the well over a hundred sessions that took place in Stockholm this September.

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During the week, we welcomed over 3,000 participants from more than 140 countries. With increased income levels in many countries, a growing world population, and intensified competition for our finite water resources, it has become ever more urgent to understand the links between energy and water so that we can fully develop synergies, strengthen much needed partnerships, and develop smarter solutions for using water more efficiently in the future. The results of our work will have consequences for all humanity.

During the Week four teams, each consisting of two lead and five junior rapporteurs, covered all workshops and seminars, over 100 in all, and in these pages you will read about the messages and recommendations that were distilled from the presentations and discussions. The reporting from the week has been divided into four themes: Equitably Balancing Competing Demands; Managing Energy and Waters across Borders; Integrating Water and Energy Policy; and Responding to Global Change. The rapporteurs’ findings are preceded by SIWI’s own conclusions.

Exploring this year’s theme of energy and water has equipped us very well for next year, when we will focus on water for development. Access to modern energy and clean water is fundamental for human development, and we hope that new insights and collaborations will prove useful when we move into 2015. It is a year of tremendously important decisions – on a new development agenda as well as on climate – that will steer our global future.

If you would like a print copy, please contact elin.weyler@siwi.org.


For the first time, you can now explore the World Water Week messages on the new SIWI Storify page. It’s an easy way to read the Overarching Conclusions, explore some of the coverage from participants, partners and media as well as revisit highlights from the week – all on your mobile device!